In SS15 Subang Jaya, AKIPRIMA pioneers advanced Co-Working meeting facilities at the Ground Floor of AKIPRIMA IV Subang Square Business Park. These cutting-edge spaces, including a material show gallery, 2 ad-hoc discussion tables, 3 convertible meeting rooms, and a snack bar, are open for fellow clients and consultants to utilize for projects. We actively encourage patrons to share constructive feedback, shaping these facilities into a dynamic R&D platform for the future of offices.

Our Co-Working spaces boast automation, featuring timed lighting and sensor-based ventilation systems. Accessible through QR-codes, equipped with 360-degree CCTVs, and integrated with Video Conferencing Systems, these rooms can be booked effortlessly through AKIPRIMA's AKIPROJECT online booking system. Upon booking, an e-calendar and QR-code are automatically generated and sent to your email.

Beyond infrastructure, AKIPRIMA prioritizes holistic well-being with gym facilities and casual meeting spaces fostering knowledge sharing. Enter Perfect.Studio @ AKIPRIMA III a groundbreaking space for immersive design, offering a cinematic projection wall, floor projection technology, and a capacity for up to 30 individuals. This visionary studio, equipped with a cinematic audio system, BIM Cave for 3D model integration, and virtual reality technology, transcends boundaries for , architects, designers, and creative professionals. Elevate your work at Perfect.Studio – where visions come to life.