At SS15 Subang Jaya, AKIPRIMA has taken the bold step to create an example of high tech Co-Working meeting facilities on the Ground Floor of Subang Square Business Park. Fellow clients and consultants are encouraged to use them for our projects. Moreover, we also urge patrons of the facilities to provide us with constructive feedback to enable us to improve further. We are using this as a R&D platform to design for the next generation office.

The Co-Working facilities consists of a material show gallery, 2 ad-hoc discussion tables, 3 meeting rooms (2 of them can be converted to a larger conference room) and a snack bar.

The entire facilities are automated with timers and sensors for the lighting and ventilation systems. The doors are accessible through QR-codes and equipped with 360-degree CCTVs. Each of the meeting room is also equipped with Video Conferencing System and the booking of the rooms and facilities can be done through AKIPRIMA’s in-house developed AKIPROJECT online booking system. The system will automatically generate an e-calendar and QR-code to your email.

Not only buildings, AKIPRIMA also promotes long term lifestyles of health and sustainability. Healthy workplace environment including gym facilities are provided to sustain the productivity. Casual meeting space encourage knowledge sharing and discussion among the team.

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