Our Background


Founded first in Penang, we now have our head office in Subang Jaya; with domestic branches in Kuantan and Johor Bahru and also internationally in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. We also have our associate office in Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong (SAR), TianJin (China) and Melbourne (Australia).

Year Founded

Established in 1981. Today, as one of the leading architectural firms in Malaysia, we enjoy the reputation as a reliable and innovative company

Malaysian-Owned Firm

We are a full scale LAM registered architecture body corporate. We proudly participate in the growth of our nation. Since our inception, our client base has grown both in variety and number.


Our Philosophy

Inherent in all operations is the philosophy of building from within. Just as a building without a strong structure tends to ruin, we believe in first building our company structure, then we can begin serving our clients. Weekly team meetings to discuss on-going projects, and person senior supervision on-site to ensure building and material quality are common occurances in this company.


Our company believes in Technology vs. Productivity. Our computerising history started since 1980s. We have always been keeping our pace to the latest technology and upgrading our computer and software systems from time to time to meet our challenge for speed and productivity. By mid 1990, we have taken one further step to build the computer network within the office as well as sharing and exchanging information to the rest of the world through internet.


The most important effect of our computer base lies in our increase ability to meet and even surpass our clients' requirements. The objective of architectural design may be simply stated-to create a structure of high with its physical and sensed environment while making its individuality apparent, completes the challenge of the architect. As such, we create structures of singular beauty, applied to a variety of different projects and needs.